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EMCC’s Fashion Wars II Spotlights Local Talent, Entrepreneurs

Estrella Mountain Community College’s (EMCC) Fashion Club is holding their second annual Fashion Wars Fashion Show. The up-and-coming club is designed to bring a trend-based audience to the West Valley.

“I expect a big turn out for Fashion Wars II; the first show had 250 people in attendance,” says Jennifer Complot, registration coordinator and backstage manager. “Now that we have a larger venue, I expect a bigger turn out.”

Among many local designers, Bri Bridge and Noctis Thread will participate in the show. Both designers have been featured in the Phoenix Fashion Week designers competition. The focus for this show is to bring local entrepreneurs recognition while tying in creative new line ideas for vendors to take interest in.

“Most fashion shows are in Scottsdale, and some people can’t or don’t want to travel that far to see a good show,” Complot says. “Fashion Wars II is offering a great show at a great venue for a great price.”

Not only will fashion students, vendors and models be present, but local talent as well. Candice Chavez, an award winning gospel singer, will be the headlining performance for the evening. Her inspirational talent has been broadcast in the 2011 Black History Month Gospel Celebration.

The EMCC Fashion Club consists of 300 Estrella Mountain students who are interested in all aspects of the fashion industry, from design, hair and makeup, to choreography and public relations.

“The community college doesn’t have a program for fashion it only has classes,” says Christina Moreno, public relations for Fashion Wars II.

“Because of the budget and a growing number of students interested in fashion in the West Valley we want to get exposure.”

During the show, a runway walk for the best dressed will be awarded to competitors who put the best outfit together. They don’t have to make their own outfit; they just need to show they are capable of putting together an outfit that looks great.

Raffle tickets will be sold to benefit the EMCC Estrella Cares program, which will help provide EMCC students with food, shelter and clothing products as well as job placements. Blu Sol, a local spa massage company, has donated a spa package that includes hair, skin and body treatments for the winning raffle winner.

“This is a place for young entrepreneurs to show their skills, advertise themselves and network,” said Complot. “This show will impact the community because it will help the fashion-interested people in the West Valley have a place to associate.”

For more information about Fashion Wars II contact Fashion Wars Director, Patrick Thomas; Co-director, Gina Torres; or Public Relations, Christina Moreno.

Participants will be judged on:

  • Hair/Make-up

  • Construction

  • Continuity (only for collections)

  • Overall presence and execution

If You Go:

Fashion Wars II April 15, 2011

Doors @ 6:30 p.m., Show @ 7 p.m.

The Wigwam 300 Wigwam Blvd Litchfield Park, AZ 85340 (623) 935-3811

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