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5 Places To Travel In 2020 And Why

Updated: Feb 2

You want to take some trips in 2020 and people have told you where you should go but you are still trying to figure out where you are setting your sights. Here are 5 places that you should consider. These places are tropical, filled with wonder and can literally take your to a whole new world.

Paris, France is know as the most romantic city in the world. People sit at small tables drinking their wine or coffee and enjoying each others company. They don't walk around on cell phones and create distraction for themselves. They embrace the atmosphere and enjoy it. The food is amazing. The museums, churches, libraries and tourist locations are enchanting. See the Mona Lisa in Louvre Museum, or take a tour of the Catacombs in De Paris, or have a nice lunch outside the university in the middle of the street. Although cost getting to Paris may be steep most of the attractions are priced fairly and if you have little kids or students they are typically free. The elegance of this place can change the way you feel about travel, life and experiences.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica is known for its amazing weather, hospitality and all inclusive resorts. Here is a place to enjoy music, dancing and amazing food. The people are polite and give you the story of their culture and communities. You can get their fairly cost effective and if you book at an all inclusive resort spend no money after getting there. You can spend your days on the beach listening to music and the waves, take outings such as the views of the clear water and smells of fresh food take you to another dimension of life.

Nassau, Bahamas this beautiful island has neighboring harbors all around it. Cruise ships stop here all the time and the off shore corals, reefs and beaches make it a popular place to snorkel, jet ski, and other water friendly sports. The weather has a cool breeze that makes you dismiss the sun is even out. That is why you see so many people with a tan or dark skin. The culture is inviting and they value family time. A lot of their shops and stores are closed on Sunday so families can be together. You can relax and enjoy the atmosphere or enjoy many of the island favorites such as the water park Atlantis.

San Jose, Costa Rica is another place that is tropical and the weather is amazing. The museums, natural culture and Spanish heritage brings a lot of things to see here. Don't me amazed at beautiful animals and large green views. The price to get here isn't too expensive although while there you will spend a little bit more. No more than your average vacation but there is so much to see that is spread out. You can zip line, ride a boat down water rapids, and so much more. Then go back to a hotel that is designed by Spanish heritage that allows you to transform your mind to pure relaxation.

Waikiki, Hawaii is also known for its tropical weather, dining, nightlife and shopping. The high-rise hotels, palm trees and volcanic views in the distance allow you to be swept into another mind-set. With sites such as Pearl Harbor, where the World War II attack happened, a row of designer fashion stores, beaches and a ton of water sports you have many options. Take dinner cruises and enjoy the view of the shore or go to one of their famous luaus and enjoy some home cooked island food.

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