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8 Valentines Day Ideas To Do In AZ

Updated: Feb 2

Valentine's Day was created to show admiration to friends, family and romantic love. While most people think it's only for couples, that's not true. Showing appreciation doesn't have to come once a year, but if you do decide to celebrate here are a 8 ideas that don't involve a lot of money or time.

1) A romantic picnic/dinner- This time of year restaurants are over booked and the time you wait for dinner is overwhelming. Instead, make a picnic lunch/dinner. Pack your favorite wine, snacks or dinner food. Pick a nice place with meaning, either the place you first met, somewhere you like to hang out or just a new place you have always wanted to go. If you want to do something extra special take a ride to Coconino National Forest and have a picnic there. If you aren't going with your significant other, you can always do this with a friend or child.

2) Watch the sunset- There is something tranquil about watching the sunset. In South Phoenix, there are hiking trails that lead you to the top of mountains with breath-taking views. South Mountain Park and Preserve, you can take a snack or just a glass of wine and watch the sunset with each other.

3) Make restaurant cocktails- Instead of spending $12 for a drink at a bar or lounge stay in and make three of your favorite restaurant cocktails. Ask your date or friends to try them while guessing the ingredients. No drink ideas try these out Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Joe's Crab Shack, Texas Roadhouse.

4) Indulge in chocolate- Create a platter of chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, or a box of your favorite chocolate pieces. Chocolate is said to be the romantic treat and it's also known to reduce stress. If you would like to try a variety of chocolate treats check out Cerreta Candy Co. It has been in Glendale for years and you will fall in love with the experience.

5) Bar hop- If you like the downtown Phoenix scene they have numerous bars you can go and enjoy a drink and the atmosphere. This may not seem romantic, but trying new places in a short period of time is exciting and intimate. You learn about different cultural things you may not have known before.

6) Get an Air BNB- A lot of people choose to get a hotel for the weekend and dine in. You spend a lot of money on fees and have a small space. Try renting an Air BNB that has a private pool or jacuzzi. Set up a private date weekend. You can save money on hotel fees and have a nice getaway with privacy.

7) Couples massage- Places like Massage Envy allow you to get couples massages in the same room. You can unwind and enjoy the pleasure of a massage together. The music, environment and low prices will allow you to appreciate just being together.

8) Hot air balloon ride- Take a ride in the sky with the love of your life or a group of friends. Soar above building and trails as you look down at the majestic figures. This may be a bit more pricier than most ideas, but after the ride you get a brunch with mimosas, and a certificate to remember the experience. Rainbow Ryders is a great place to start looking for your first riding experience.

However you spend your Valentines weekend make sure you are sharing your time with friends and family or the one you love.

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