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Joe's Crab Shack Cajun Steampot

If you're a seafood lover, this is one place you have to try. I have been to a few newer places that serve seafood, but none compare with the overall greatness of Joe's Crab Shack. The only one we have in the Phoenix, Arizona area is in Tempe, Arizona near Arizona Mills Mall. When you walk in the atmosphere is inviting and friendly. The servers wear bright tie-died shirts that gave me a 90's vibe. You can dress casual. I ordered the Cajun Steam pot with a Shark Bite to drink. Now let's discuss the price, presentation, quality and quantity.

Price - The Cajun steam pot was about $28 and the Shark Bite was about $8. This is typical for a bucket of seafood that contains Snow crab, cold water lobster claws, shrimp, corn, smoked sausage, and Ragin’ Cajun seasoning. This bucket has changed to included mussels, however, I don't care for them so they weren't included in my bucket. The shark bite comes in a large round glass so the prices was normal. Overall the price was standard.

Presentation- The pot is served with everything thrown in it. There is no garnish or things to make it look pretty. It is meant to allow you to get down and dirty. Nothing spectacular to look at. The shark bite, however, comes with a small rubber shark attached with grenadine syrup inside so when you pour it in the blue (water like) drink it looks like blood flowing through the sea. It is a cleaver presentation considering the drink name.

Quality- The meal taste great, food smells appealing and it is cooked perfectly. The seasoning is blended well throughout the pot so every bite tasted like the Cajun creation I desired.

Quantity- If you're a crab leg lover like myself this isn't enough to share. This pot is a one person pot that allows you to have maybe a sausage or corn left when your near full. You do get enough to get full. For the price the quantity is acceptable.

Overall this seafood establishment was great. The food I chose was exceptional and I would recommend it to those that love seafood.

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