10 Couple Relationship Goals

You see those cute couples walking down the street holding hands and laughing at each other paying no attention to the world around them and you immediately think "relationship goals". If you are in a relationship you too can feel the same way that couple feels. Here are 10 goals couples should have to keep the spice in their relationship.

#1 Date night Routine- Couples that have a date night with each other tend to have more fun and romance in their relationship. They know when they will be going out and make it a priority. A co-worker once told me that her and her husband go out every Friday no matter what. That made them feel like they just met which kept the spark in their relationship.

#2 Love Language- Having your own language and having a unique way to talk to each other builds a connection and intimacy. Communication is key to all relationships and when you create your own words or phrases the two of you feel more connected.

#3 Adventure Together- Do new activities, maybe something you always wanted to try, to bring a little spice in your life. When you create adventure together you feel bonded and alive. It doesn't have to be expensive or super adventurous just do something different.

#4 Money Matters- Make sure you are on the same page with finances. Create a combined piggy bank for trips or plan to buy something together, such as a house or car. When you're working together towards a goal it brings you closer together and you want to accomplish more.

#5 Flirty Fun- When you take time to let your partner know you're still interested in them it makes them feel appreciated. Grab them and kiss them out of no where, dress up and go out and pretend you don't know each other or wear their favorite outfit around the house. Keep the magic in the in the relationship.

#6 Hold Hands- Although this seems simple enough most people don't do it. Couples walk with one person in front of them or distracted with their cell phones. Make it a point to hold hands in public. Never let that spark go.

#7 Be Besties- When you have someone you feel comfortable telling everything too and you are confident they have your best interest at heart you consider them your bestie. You are with this person most of the time and should know them like the back of your hand.

#8 Be In Each Other's Corner- Support each other no matter how big or small. Tell each other you value their hard work. Tell them when you appreciate something they did for you. Make being positive an everyday habit.

#9 Physical Connection- Don't loose yourself being in a relationship. When you meet someone your physical connection is there because you are taking care of yourself. Keep the relationship alive by working out together, or telling the other person what you love about how they look. Drive positive connection by promoting physical connection.

#10 Grow Together- Help each other reach goals. If you see your partner struggling be positive and motivate them to keep going. Take classes together, learn new things together and support growth.

Relationship goals are what ever you want them to be. It could be something as simple as saying "I love you" daily. Just make sure that both of you are on the same page and your relationship will flourish and prosper. There is nothing more exciting than being in a relationship that allows you to be you and your both genuinely happy.

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