10 Ways To Build Your Relationship

When someone is valuable in your life you want to build your relationship with them. This could be a friend, relative, and/or spouse. In all relationships communication is key but here are 10 ways to build your relationship with the special people around you.

1) Think about it- Thinking before you act allows you to put everything into perspective. We all have those days where nothing seems right and we are irritated at everything and everyone. Stop to think about a stressful situation before addressing it. Ask yourself am I really mad at this.

2) Don't jump to conclusions- There are so many times we think we know something and it is the opposite of what is really going on. Keep communication at the forefront of your relationships and never assume. Sometimes a friend or spouse can be clueless to your mindset. Clear an open door and never assume the worst.

3) Be honest- Yes, honesty is still the best policy. Tell them how you feel and be clear about expectations. Don't take this as telling everything you don't like or nagging someone all day. Just be honest.

4) Make time for each other - People make time for what is important to them. If you're spending quality time with each other you both feel valuable.

5) Say Sorry- This word can reset an entire world. When you say you're sorry and mean it you can change your relationship for the better.

6) Respect is a virtue- Giving respect shows you value the connection and allows the other person to give you respect. When having conversations talk with respect. Show the same respect for them when they are not around.

7) Be understanding- Things will not always go your way and life is full of responsibilities. With work, school, children, fitness, health, and so much more we have to understand that we may have to give a little instead of getting a little.

8) Compromise- Being able to compromise allows you to grow. If you don't like something and they don't like something, being able to communicate and work through it allows you to show each other respect and adds value to the relationship.

9) Count to 3- Taking time to count still works. In 3 seconds you can talk yourself out of going overboard. Take time away when something is bothering you and go figure it out. Then come back and address the issue.

10) Jealousy is a double-edged sword- Showing a little cute jealousy is normal and lets your spouse or friend know you care about them, but absolute jealousy will leave you friendless and smother your spouse. Trust your relationships and be a trustworthy, heartfelt person with out the drama.

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