10 Ways To Build Your Relationship With Yourself

You spent all 2019 trying to build relationships, grow your business, start a business, travel, and/or grow at your job. One thing many people are focusing on in 2020 is self awareness and growth. Without knowing who you truly are you can't grow in relationships, business or a job. Knowing who you are even helps with fitness and health. Here are 10 things to build your relationship with yourself so you can grow in other parts of your life.

1) What is your life path? Do you know what you are working towards? Spend time learning your strengths and weaknesses. What will bring you fulfillment in life. For example, one of my strengths is organization. I can't even work on a project until I know what the outcome is supposed to be and if I have all the tools it takes to complete the project. Knowing your life path will allow you to grow and put your energy into something closer to your destiny.

2) What are your natural talents? What comes to you at east without having to think about it. It could be art, writing, cooking, baking, planning, children, speaking, etc. No matter what it is take time to manifest that gift. You were given that gift for a reason. Maybe some of the things you are trying isn't working because you are not fulfilling your real destiny.

3) What type of people do you attract? If you find yourself in a room full of people that you don't want to be around why is that? Are you scared to go out and meet new people? Are you creating the environment you can thrive in? We get comfortable with people for many reasons, however; if you are not getting anything from your current relationships anymore you're stuck. You need to go out to events you like to attend to find like-minded people. An art gallery, comedy show, women's support events, men's support events, etc. If everyone is always coming to you for help you need to "grow up" your group.

4) Do you take time to mediate? This is such the cliche that everyone talks about but it helps. Spend time alone clearing your mind and thinking about your own personal goals. Speak positive thoughts about them and ask for them to come into existence. Doing this brings a new vision of your goals and how you can achieve them.

5) Set boundaries and beware of absorbing others problems as your own. We all love to hear the latest about good and bad things going on in our families/friends lives, however; too much negativity can create a bad mind-set and too much praise can create an underlying jealousy for others. Set boundaries on what you will accept to hear about others and never make their problems your own. Stay focused and driven.

6) Focus on your own goals and ambitions as well as supporting others. We all want support and respect from customers, family and friends but we have to be sure to provide that same respect and support to others. When you give out a good vibe you will be surprised how much love and support is returned.

7) Do one thing EVERYDAY that makes you feel accomplished. File a form you had on your desk for two months, listen to a quote or motivational speech, exercise, do your hair different, introduce yourself to someone new, pass out a business card, make an Instagram or Facebook post doing something fun or silly, etc. Just take 15 minutes everyday to appreciate your efforts of being you.

8) Have difficult conversations in a pleasant way. There have been so many issues that turned into problems over the years because people will tell everyone but the person that needs to hear it how they feel. In a private, respectful way tell the people you have an issue with or feel some-type-a way about how you feel. Be respectful of their feelings and be transparent in your meaning. Don't make it seem like it doesn't bother you if it really does. When you have the conversation you will not only save a relationship, but feel better about yourself.

9) Save money! Everyone wants a rainy day fund or an "in case emergency" fund. Set a goal to save an amount of money each week, bi-weekly, monthly, etc and stick to it. Don't get it for a movie night or extra spending cash. When you save money you feel accomplishment and as it grows so does your confidence in taking chances. At the end of the year see if you saved the amount you wanted. To reward yourself spend a small portion of it on something nice for yourself or put it into a business you wanted to start. For example: you want to start a t-shirt making businesses, by the end of the year if you saved $400/month you would have $4800 to buy equipment and shirts.

10) Be good to yourself. Stop judging yourself based on past mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and the only way to grow is to look forward. It doesn't mean not learn from them and keep repeating that mistake. Be good to yourself means to mend issues with that mistake and move forward knowing that in the future you will make better choices. Better choices lead to better outcomes which lead to a better self understanding.

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