10 Ways To Grow Your Friendships During Covid

In times like these, many people are not getting out as much due to Covid-19 or have limited income access. It is hard to define what is acceptable in friendships. Are we letting more things slide because excuses are allowed at this point? If you have good friends, you don't have to worry, they're not going anywhere in this disastrous time. They may not come to your home, but will still call you and check up on you. Here are 10 ways to grow your friendship during Covid.

1) Be understanding to self quarantine. Just because your friend wants to be safer than sorry doesn't mean they don't want to spend time with you. It simply means they're being careful.

2) Take time out of your busy schedule to call them once a week. Calling someone lets them know you're thinking about them and want to catch up.

3) Send a funny text at least once a month. Many friends do this more often, but those that work long hours may forget how simple and stress-relieving it is to just do something silly with someone you care about.

4) Take time out to listen to their issues without judgement. We all have our own lives and ways we would do things. That doesn't mean everyone else has to do it that way. Be respectful and just let them vent.

5) Do a FaceTime cocktail hour. If you can't get together make your favorite drinks and do a face to face cocktail hour. It's fun, simple and cheaper than going out.

6) Play the 5 question game. Write down 5 questions you've always wanted to ask your friend, but were unsure about. Call each other and take turns asking the questions and getting the answers.

7) Plan a cook together night. When restaurants aren't an option pick your favorite dishes and choose a house and make the dishes together while talking and catching up.

8) Work out together. Now is a great time to focus on health and fitness. If you don't already have your friend go with you hiking, bike riding or some other outdoor exercise.

9) Have a movie day. One movie isn't enough when you want to sit in pajamas and catch up. Plan an entire day where you can watch 3 or 4 of your favorite movies, eat your favorite snacks and stay off your phones.

10) Create a playlist. Create a playlist that you listen to at the same time everyday so you feel closer together. It could be an hour playlist or longer. Then decide what time a day you will listen to it and do it daily.

Take time to get to know each other again and enjoy the little things that matter. We aren't sure if things will be getting closed down again or staying open. These tips will help you build your friendships and create new memories.

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