10 Ways To Open Doors To Opportunities You Thought Were Closed

In todays world it can be hard to overcome obstacles. People post everything on social media and it seems like everyone knows everything about nothing. Just because an opportunity passes you by doesn't mean those doors are closed for good. Think of every experience you have as an opportunity to learn something. When you learn something new you never loose. Here are 10 ways to open doors that you thought were closed.

1) Learn From It: Take the time to focus on how the opportunity passed you by. Once you can figure out your mistakes, you will avoid them when trying to re-open this door.

2) Associate With Positive People: They're many people who like to complain about everything. Try to spend more time with people who are positive and give you hope.

3) Learn From Others: When you see people moving in the direction you want to go, don't be afraid to ask. Get all the information you can to build and grow.

4) Be In The Right Place: This means finding out where people you need to meet will be. If you put yourself in the right place, opportunities will find you. If you want to learn about book writing, attend a seminar or course. Put yourself where the information is.

5) Change Your Habits: Sometimes you have to change up your habits. If you want a raise at work, start showing up early and doing more. Allow yourself to shine. If you want o be in fashion, go where people are creating fashion.

6) Be Attractive: This means make yourself presentable. When you seem approachable and attractive people will come up to you and they could have an opportunity available you've been waiting for.

7) Be Positive: This can be hard when it seems like nothing is going your way. Being positive is the only way you will be able to hype yourself up to take chances. Be positive to yourself and others. They will remember you.

8) Wishful Thinking: I mention meditation in a lot of my blogs because without a clear mind, you can't make the right decisions. It's the same with wishful thinking. See yourself opening that door that is closed.

9) Be Resilient: If you want to open a door you have to stay trying to crack the code. You can't give up and you have to keep trying until you find that perfect key. It will be hard, frustrating and tiresome, but you can do it.

10) Brainstorm: Sit down and figure out all the things you did wrong so you can find out what you need to do right.

When you want a door to open that has been closed, you have to try new approaches to it. A new job, career, buying a house, car, saving, anything. You have to find the key that will open YOUR door. If this post was any help to you leave a message for us. Grow, live, and change the world. Keep growing and inspiring.

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