13 People Give Advice To The Bride

After having a bridal shower this past Saturday many people provided advice they felt would be great for the bride (me) to know. I have decided to include the top 13 advice cards.

1) Good Luck - Enjoy life

2) Have fun, live life, have sex, be free, stay happy, keep doing you

3) Stay great & inspiring

4) Always stay happy, have fun, enjoy life and continue to inspire

5) Never let anyone get between you and your future husband

6) Enjoy life and have great sex

7) Never let the sex stop

8) May your union be blessed and filled with joy- stay happy

9) Be happy & stay focused

10) Stay loyal to yourself & to each other and never listen to other people

11) No matter what - be happy

12) The most important things are free

13) Always make sure you are happy first before making someone else happy

These were from ages 17-50 all ladies. I wanted to share because I feel like so many people loose sight of what is important and as I am entering a new union soon, it makes me happy to see so many people still believe that being happy and loyal are still important in a marriage. These same tips are important for friendships and all other relationships. If these were things you would suggest or if you have more advice to offer please comment below.

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