16 Questions To Ask Before Getting Serious

When we meet someone we like to ask the simple "fragile" questions like, what's your favorite color, do you have kids, where do you work, but in today's society it's best to start asking those serious questions before getting too serious. This will allow you to know if you really fit together or you're just intrigued with the person because the relationship is new.

Here are 16 questions to ask your dating partner before getting serious:

1) How important is it for you to equally divide up chores?

2) How much alone time do you need?

3) Do you prefer a little or a lot of non-sexual affection in the relationship?

4) Do you think a couple’s finances should be together or separate?

5) Do you think you and your partner have to share the same values to be together?

6) Given the realities of your current life, how often would you like to have sex?

7) Do you want kids?

8) If your partner had close friends of the opposite sex, how would you feel?

9) How do you feel about physical fitness?

10) How do you spend your free time?

11) What are the most difficult discussions for you to have with your partner?

12) How's your relationship with your parents?

13) Where's your dream place to visit?

14) How do you avoid conflict with your partner?

15) What goals do you have for yourself?

16) What, if any, holiday traditions do you have?

The reason these questions and more are important is because you want to be able to see yourself with this person doing these things. If you don't know how you're soon-to-be partner deals with stress, then you won't know how to help them cope with it. You may even make things worst and find yourself in a relationship you don't want to be in.

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