Bahama Mama From AZ

Although I have put my writing career to the side to venture out and try new things something always drags me back to it. This vacation has opened my eyes to not only realizing writing is what I love, but what I was designed to do. Capturing the right words to describe life, love and living has always come at ease to me. This blog is going to explore my journey into the writing world of obstacles, journeys and life. Sitting here in the Bahamas on Paradise Island my last day I woke up inspired to indulge in a little free form journalist writing. I may not be the best, most successful or well-known writer but by any means necessary I will keep going until I define my success as complete and accomplished. Last night as I debated on what career path I needed to give 100% I told myself that once I decided – I would give my all no matter what the circumstances. Once I reach a level to help others I will share my blessings and help others reach their life long goals. Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t give up easily and distractions don’t stop me. So get ready world because I have decided that writing is what GOD put me here to do. I am walking away from the old and stepping into the new. My life journey will be inspiring and eventful.

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