Endless Weekend

Sometimes the best way to savior your weekend is to welcome Monday as if it were another Friday. Friday after work I went to help my friend Bre unpack due to moving into a new apartment. We talked over glasses of wine and reminisced on memories we considered “the good times”, when actually we were creating a “good time” in that exact moment. Saturday I did some yard work and took my son to a basket ball try-out. Which he got accepted I might add. Then took myself to the movies to see “War Room” a phenomenal movie about a wife praying for her husband. Went home had a night cap and went to sleep. Sunday woke up with a headache, because I won’t say hang-over after one drink. Tried to do somethings around the house and went back to sleep due to the pain and woke up at 3:30pm. Hung out with my oldest daughter Alize and then went to Bre’s for a BBQ. A few hours later headed home and waited for my friend Jerry to pick me up to go see “Agent 47”. After the movie we headed back to my house and talked out front for about an hour about life and simple things. I didn’t get to bed until 12:45AM but in that moment I realized that even though the next day was Monday I could think of it as another day to share wisdom, learn something and post about experiences that I have as a single, educated mom who is tired of waiting for something, anything to make my life more exciting. My weekends are endless and my days are seamless. The life I was given can only be lived by me and I am writing the next chapter in my life instead of waiting to see who can write it for me. I may not be the new Carrie Bradshaw, but Stacy Ayiers works for me.

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