As the weekend wraps up and I find myself thinking of what I actually did appose to what I wanted to accomplish, I find myself thinking of the well-known phrase, Birds of a feather flock together. In every definition of this Phrase it is stated that “Those of similar taste congregate in groups,” Phrase Finder (1996). If this is true why am I not attaching myself to other entrepreneurs that have a drive so intense they can’t sleep at night? I don’t know if we settle with who we have known for years or just find ourselves comfortable around those we don’t feel challenged by. Either way, I found myself doing things that didn’t really amount to any creative aspect of my life. Not every weekend are you supposed to work it away with goals or accomplishments. Sometimes you just want to relax and have fun, however, when you find yourself feeling like you are wasting your time, or you have out-grown the exact things you are continuing to do you have to ask yourself. Are these the people I want to spend the majority of my time with? I am not saying challenge your relationship and decide if you are better than the next person. I am simply stating that in order to be great you must flock with great. If you want to be a doctor you need to talk to doctors, go to school and be around people that also want to be doctors and aspire to be more than dreaming about it. If all I do is hang out with people that want to club, drink all day, sit and watch T.V. or just talk about other people, how am I going to bring out the entrepreneur I want to be? Wanting more means more than talking about it. It means changing a lifestyle. If I want to become more challenged I need to be around people that challenge me. Being around people at the level you want to be also introduces you to new opportunities and opens doors that would never open being around those less inspired as you. For example, if I want to become a well-known author, but decided to spend my time on the phone gossiping instead of writing, or clubbing instead of going to book release parties. The door I am trying to walk through will always be closed because I will never meet anyone who will help open them. So is the saying that birds of a feather flock together, partially yes, but not always. Some people are content with hanging around someone because they are comfortable and they are accepted. I know women who sleep with any guy that they meet because they are lonely and looking for someone to ease that pain. However, I am the total opposite. I take pride in knowing that not many men in this world can say they have had that pleasure with me. Why did we hang out? Simply put, because we were friends that had kids in common and chose to do some of the same things. But I couldn’t talk to her about my career, school or even personal matters because we didn’t flock in those areas. I am going to try something new. I am going to stop wasting my time with family and friends that aren’t inspiring me to do better or setting goals for themselves. I am going to take that leap and meet new people and stop telling myself I’m fine with who I know. Who I know hasn’t gotten me to the next level despite the drive in me. The birds that I fly with have to be positive and challenge me to do better. Are you going to keep talking about what you are going to do in life or are you going to challenge yourself to be better. ” To succeed jumps as quickly at opportunities as you do conclusions,” Benjamin Franklin.

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