According to the Webster’s dictionary a liar is considered someone who tells lies or is deceitful. When a person tells you lies you tend to discount the things they tell you and feel as if they are hiding something. When you have a companion or friend with whom you have a romantic or sexual relationship you expect truth. So if a person has been in previous relationships and all have ended because of lies and deceitfulness how can they trust the next person they enter into a relationship with, especially when they see the same signs?

Should there be expectations right away? Should you start over and wipe the slate clean? Is it fair to judge the current relationship based on previous experiences?These are questions that I want to get opinions from both male and female. I want to know because a friend of mine and I have a debate going.

I feel that if you don’t learn from your previous experiences you will keep making the same mistakes. If a man is showing you signs of cheating, lying, and/or both and you don’t take the time to reflect on what you have been through before you will go through the same thing and waste your time.

My friend feels that every relationship should start from scratch and you can’t hold your past errors or failed relationships against the new person you engage with. If you always expect something then you will never be happy.


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