It is hard enough to have a successful relationship with two people but three? In today’s society more and more women are stating they are “talking” to men that are taken. It is not only frustrating but ultimately impossible to gain any real satisfaction of companionship. Women who are in a relationship and unhappy don’t change their situation and tend to blame men for their unhappiness. Wrong!

Single married women are women who are married but typically do nothing with their husbands. He is always out with someone else (most likely another woman) she feels no appreciation, time, sexual desire or love. When they are together she is fighting to be seen as his wife.

Taken single women are women who are single but dating a taken or married man. You use all your time doing the things to make him happy but can’t dare actually confirm you are in a relationship. Most of these women won’t even date another man in fear of losing the taken man she is “dating”.

“Simply put, relationships with unavailable men are frustrating and unsatisfying, yet too many women try-try-try to stick it out and make things work. The important question is…why?” Married women stop blaming the other woman for your man’s indiscretions she doesn’t owe you anything. He is the person who took those vowels and decided to break them. Single women don’t be desperate enough to take another woman’s leftovers. If he leaves her for you guess what…don’t be surprised when he is leaving you for someone else.

I have been on both sides of the fence. No need for intimate details but at the end of the day neither situation is admirable. Now, I have quite a few females tell me they are “dating” men in relationships. Ladies, God isn’t going to send you someone else’s man. He isn’t going to leave his wife for a female willing to accept him being taken. If he was leaving he would’ve been gone. Not because of you but because he wanted to be done.

This blog isn’t to bash either the married woman or the single woman. It is to help both understand you control your situation.

Married women if you find your man cheating do things that will get his attention in a good way. Stop going through his phone, asking him 100 questions about where he is going. Everyone knows woman have a sixth sense for when their man is up to no good. Take time to make a romantic dinner, take him to do something adventurous, and/or surprise him with a sexual activity he has been begging you for. He is out doing what he is doing because he is missing something at home.

Single women once you find out he is taken; dating someone, living with his baby mama or married stop talking to him. Don’t try and give him an ultimatum because why would you want a man who is cheating on his current situation anyway. You want a man who will keep you safe, love you, open doors for you, make you feel appreciated and is trust-worthy. He can’t do any of that when he is laid up with his girl at home.

All woman value yourself enough to know your worth. I learned plenty of lessons from past relationships but the most important lesson learned was I love myself too much to settle for anything less than a man who will treat me like the superwoman that I am. I also learned that holding grudges towards another woman because of a man leads to nothing but drama and eventually scorned lives. Its team us ladies, respect yourselves and the next. Men can only do what we allow them to do.

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