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Carter G. Woodson also known as the "Father of Black History" was an African-American writer and historian. He published the prominent book 'The Mis-Education of the Negro.

The Start for Carter G. Woodson

The second African-American to receive his doctorate from Harvard, after W.E.B. Du Bois, Woodson dedicated his life and career to establish Black History Month. Born in 1875 in New Canton, Virginia, Woodson lobbied and wrote historical works, including his 1933 book, The Mis-Education of the Negro. He died in Washington D.C. on April 3rd 1950.


His goal was to place African-American history and contributions in front of students, communities and government. In 1915, Woodson help create the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History.

He published many books, including A Century of Negro Migration (1918), The Negro in Our History (1922) and The History of the Negro Church (1921). Some of these have become reading materials for many universities and colleges.

He created an African-American Associated Publishers Press in 1921 and a Negro History Bulletin in 1937. He became the dean at Virginia Collegiate Institute and Howard University.

Creating Black History Month

It started off as a week. He lobbied schools and organizations to have a special program called Negro History Week, which began in February 1926. The program extended into a month and was renamed to be Black History Month. This month was chosen to honor birth months of people who supported black growth and empowerment, such as Frederick Douglas and President Abraham Lincoln.


The University of Virginia has a Carter G. Woodson Institute for African-American studies that pays tribute to his dedication and legacy. There is a Dr. Carter G. Woodson African-American Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida that have book clubs and special events to keep the community informed on African-American events.

Woodson died an esteemed and respected figure who received tributes for his vision. His legacy continues to this day with Black History Month being a national cultural force recognized by a variety of media formats, organizations and educational institutions.

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