No Problem Man! Rio Ocho Rios Jamaica

Sounds of Caribbean music, smells of fresh air and everywhere I looked were people smiling and directing us to fun and excitement. I decided to take this trip alone because it was for my niece's wedding. I just spent a week with the kids in Paris so I figured this would be a nice relaxing trip. When my mom realized I was traveling alone she took it upon her self to be my side kick. Once at the airport we got on the bus and drove an hour or so to a hotel that was large, white and looked like heaven. We checked in to this all-inclusive resort, got a wrist band and headed to our room.

Every moment after that was breath taking. The views of the clear blue water, the sounds of the waves and the unlimited drinks kept me in paradise. To be honest I enjoyed sitting on the beach listening to the waves and thinking so this is living. Not worrying about being on a time schedule because everything we wanted or needed to do was on the resort. Food was served all day. They had over 5 restaurants, 4 fully stocked bars, live entertainment at night, an all white party on Thursday, boat rides, massages on the beach, and so much more.

The day of the wedding we walked to the my nieces room, sat with her a moment then walked passed the pool to the beach to sit and collect our thoughts. After sipping 2 or 3 drinks it started pouring down raining and we rain up the stairs to the covered balcony and looked at the sea. Just five short minutes later the rain was gone the sun was out and the wedding gazebo was being decorated with flowers and linens. We walked back to our room got dressed and headed out to the beach. As other guest started showing up so did the DJ, photographers and officiant. The music started and guest from all other the beach started watching. Guest from hotel rooms walked out on the balcony and peered down to catch a glimpse. Then the beautiful bride walked down the isle. It was like a Disney movie. The moment couldn't have been more perfect.

After the ceremony they served champagne and everyone took pictures. We walked over to the reserved seating in one of the many restaurants and had dinner. After dinner everyone agreed to go on the beach and listen to the music and join the beach party. The night was perfect. The next morning we slept in, had a late breakfast, walked around the resort, tried the fresh coconut water, got in the pool and tried all the delights of the island food we could. We went shop to shop looking for souvenirs. This is a place you have to visit at least once. The culture was much different than Paris and way different than Arizona, but it provided a sense of history and independence. We stayed for four days and the morning we woke to leave was bitter sweet. I wanted to get back home and start on accomplishments but leaving a place that allowed so many African Americans to have their own businesses and listening to the stories of how things became the way they were made me want to know more about the people and the culture.

Overall this was the most relaxing vacation I had ever taken. If you can do an all inclusive resort DO IT! You don't have to worry about breakfast, lunch or dinner. The entertainment comes to you and who doesn't like free drinks all day. You worry about nothing and do as little or as much as you like. Just like the Jamaicans say No Problem Man!

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