3 Course Red Lobster Meal for $14.99

I've never been much of a seafood eater until a few years ago when I got hooked on the all you can eat crab legs in a casino buffet. After that I started enjoying different types of seafood. Red Lobster has never been my preferred choice for seafood.....well honestly every time I ate there within two hours of leaving my stomach would cramp like crazy. I gave up trying to figure it out and just stopped going. A year ago I was asked to have a meal there and I selected carefully. After I left my stomach didn't cramp and the food was good.

So, here I am Sunday, February 9th, 2020 back at Red Lobster having dinner for my sister's birthday.

People have eaten here many times, however; do they go thinking about other seafood options and with rating questions in their mind? As I ordered my food I thought about the atmosphere, pricing, presentation, quality and quantity of what I was about to receive. I started writing about food because I love trying new things and wanted to share my experiences with those with similar interest. So, here's what I thought.

I ordered the three course meal which includes a soup or salad, main dish and small brownie desert. I chose the garden salad with balsamic vinegar, Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo and kept the Triple-Chocolate Brownie á la Mode.The whole meal was about 1290 calories. You could substitute the brownie for another desert for an extra $2.99. If you haven't been to Red Lobster before, the atmosphere is enchanting and peaceful. When you walk in there is a water tank with fresh crab crawling around. Greeters seem pleasant and there is plenty of space between tables for walking or just feeling secluded.

We had a large group so it took a while to get the cheddar bay biscuits sent to our table, but once they arrived they were warm, soft and fluffy. After eating about two of them I pushed the basket away so I wouldn't get full. You get the idea of how I felt about those. Now let's talk about the meal overall with price, presentation, quality and quantity.

Price- The price of the three course meal was $14.99. That is a smoking deal for a three course meal. Since I had water to drink this meal was cheaper than most fast food restaurants.

Presentation- The presentation was nothing spectacular. It looked like I could've made it at home and put it on a plate. Although it tasted good, just looking at it wouldn't win me over as a first time customer.

Quality- When you eat a meal, you are embracing the taste, flavors, and texture of the food. I love spicy food and this had a nice taste to it (It could've been spicer), the flavors were succulent and the chicken was cooked to perfection. The chicken wasn't too tuff or rubbery.

Quantity- It is okay to say that for this meal the quantity was worth the price. The salad was a normal size, the main course was a decent size (as I couldn't finish it) and the desert was a nice way to end the meal.

Overall, it was a nice meal at a decent price. My stomach didn't cramp again so I am hoping to have more fulfilling meals at Red Lobster.

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