4 Ways To Edit Your Book

If you're in the process of writing your book and need ways to edit it, you don't have to pay for an expensive editing team. You can edit your book with these 4 easy options that won't break the bank. Here are 4 editing tips that will help you finish your book without spending a lot of money.

1) Self Editing- You can use spell check to edit your book. One thing to be careful of is slang. If you use slang in your book and you don't want the words changed, you will have to manually read that section to make sure it doesn't just change the words. You will also have to make sure it is what you mean it to be. This means if you want to write :

- Sally didn't like that big thang.

- Don't let spell check change it to - Sally didn't like that big thing.

Spell check will auto edit it. It changes the slang and meaning of the sentence. People will perceive it differently. So be careful and don't just go through and update everything.

2) Actually Reading- If you have the time to go through and re-read your entire book it will save you on cost, but not time. You will have to sit down and read it and focus on each word and it's placement. Don't read it quickly and assume what you mean. Writers tend to glance thinking that what they meant is what they wrote and that isn't always true. After you read it give a few chapters to a fellow writer or person you trust to edit it and get their advice and edits.

3) Grammerly- This is a system set up to edit your writing and make sense of your sentences. It will auto correct things and make sure they entire sentence fits. Grammerly is a software product that gives you alternatives that may enhance your writing.

4) Hire An Editor From UpWork- Upwork is a website to find talented people like yourself that specialize in specific talents, such as editing, for an affordable price. You can sent them a chapter at at time or the entire book. You give them a deadline and both agree on a price. Once this is done all you have to do is wait for it to come back.

These are ways to have your book edited without spending hundreds of dollars for a big shot editor and waiting in line for the results to come back. Most of the time they will do one edit for a price then have you change them and re-edit for an additional price. The timing can be months and costly. These tips and tricks are what I used in publishing my 4 books and they worked great. My first book was published with errors because I didn't edit it and after reviewing it myself decided to research an affordable way to not make that mistake again. Helpful tips, tricks and ideas to help you write your story- Happy Writing!

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