5 Steps To Believe In Yourself

It can be hard to look yourself in the mirror and say "You're the person who can make all your dreams come true, so make them happen." We believe in the "American Dream" or better yet we were taught that dream was for everyone. The American dream to get through school, go to a prestigious university, get a well paying job, find the perfect mate, get married, have kids, buy the house with the white picket fence, and live happily ever after. What about the people who don't want to go to college, but would rather start their own company? Or the people who don't want kids or a big house? When you look yourself in the mirror you have to believe in yourself and what you want out of life.

I tried the college, high paying jobs, the entire American dream and something in the back of my mind kept saying "something is missing." I needed more. I wanted to succeed in more than one field, create jobs for others not just work for someone, and that college degree hasn't been needed once. I am not saying don't do those things, I am simply saying when you feel the urge to do something bigger, better and out of the box, DO IT!

Believing in yourself has 5 simple steps. If you really want to progress in any avenue in your life you have to believe. It doesn't matter if you're interested in beauty, writing, owning a company, building a brand, or making new friends. It all starts with your belief in yourself. Follow these steps:

1) Talk to yourself EVERY day. Tell yourself positive things about you and what you love about you. This allows you to build up confidence and that is key. If you don't hear anything good from anyone else you should always hear it from yourself.

2) Wear things that compliment you. I know that looks aren't everything, but when others compliment you, you get a better self-confidence. Take the time to present yourself as you want the world to see you. That doesn't mean expensive things or taking 2 hours to get dressed in the morning. It simply means make your appearance a priority. Many people on social media are simply looking at attraction. You're not using this attention for relationships, you're using it for self awareness and building a belief in yourself that you can do anything.

3) Focus on positive things. Put your energy into things you want to build and grow. When you do that you will see progress. If you focus on the positive things you're doing you loose focus on the negative and that helps to build self confidence with builds belief in yourself.

4) Take 30 minutes a day to meditate. This works. It's like you're clearing your mind and talking to your inner self. You can do this in the shower, or before you go to bed, when you first wake up, it's up to you. Just take 30 minutes with no interruption, soft music or no music at all and really try to clear your mind. It is harder in the beginning and you don't really know what you're looking for, however; after a while your mind will start sharing things with you to change, reevaluate and explore and you will see things differently. This allows you to have a clear vision on what you should be focusing on. When things are clear you have a better view and it's easier to belief in what you're doing.

5) Never give up. It doesn't matter how many times you have been told "NO", keep going. eventually someone will say yes. Sometimes it just takes the right person at the right time to make things happen. When you get that first "YES" you will feel like anything is possible. Start with smaller things you want to accomplish then build to the bigger picture. Your belief in yourself with grow beyond measure.

Kevin Hart was told no hundreds of times before he became a star comedian. If he had given up or lost belief in his dream we wouldn't see the great comedian he became today. Others can believe in you, but if you have belief in yourself anything is possible. Reach for the stars and try these 5 steps. Tell us how things are going for you and what other things you have tried to build confidence and belief in yourself.

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