5 Top New Orleans Cemetery Tours

If you love adventure and want to try something new head to New Orleans and check out 5 of their many Cemetery tours. This city is known for their historic cemeteries, jazz, Voodoo, above-ground tombs and food. In many states you can enter a cemetery to visit without issue,however, in New Orleans, cemeteries have become a popular visitation spot so some require a guided tour. Here are the top 5 cemeteries to visit if you want to be intrigued with spirit.

1) Bloody Mary's Tours – Dead & Famous Tour

For one hour you are walked through St. Louis Cemetery, which includes the haunted museum, Congo Square, and the final resting place of the famous Voodoo queen Marie Laveau. For about $27/person you can be enchanted in a place that has history, magic and educational background from the tour guide.

2) NOLA Ghost Riders – Cemetery Nightly Bus Tour

This tour allows you to take a bus to many different famous cemeteries within the city. This is the tour to take if your daring because it is done at night. If you're over 21 you can bring your own alcohol with you and calm the jitters. Tour is from 8pm to 11pm and the cost is $40/adult and $25/child.

3) Free Tours by the Foot – St. Louis Cemetery

If you're not interested in riding along the streets at night, maybe walking around on your own might make you feel better. The free tours by the foot has a maze of tombs to explore. Normal walking time is 1 1/2 hours. The only fee is a $2 preservation fee upon entry.

4) Two Chicks Walking Tours – Dead Sexy Storyville Cemetery Tour

For $30/person this two hour tour allows you to explore above-ground tombs then head to the Storyville area to learn about the history of New Orleans, including politics and prostitution.

5) New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours – Voodoo & Cemetery Tour

So you want to know more about voodoo? On this tour you visit the Voodoo Heritage Museum. For $27/adult and $15/child take a guided tour of Marie Laveau's house, hear information about the history of voodoo and the St. Louis Cemetery.

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