6 Personal Growth Traits To Better You

When you decide you want a better you, which includes achieving more, understanding those around you, and feeling better about yourself in general, you're able to reach new levels in your personal growth. Here are 6 developmental goals to work on to build a better you.

Embrace Empathy - Understanding different perspectives can allow you to think outside the box and tackle circumstances in a way you never thought about. Sometimes just being able to have insight on a way someone else thinks can allow you to make better decisions.

Confidence - Having the ability to believe in yourself has changed the way companies have started and grown. IQ test have shown that having perseverance, self-confidence and goal setting has boosted success. Being confident in yourself and dreams allows others to feel that energy and feel the same. In order to grow as a person you have to grow your confidence.

Make fear your friend - Being fearful is normal, however, being fearful to the point you won't take a chance to become a better person is letting fear control you. Do things that are fearful and learn from them so they are no longer a holding spot. Once you're comfortable with uncertainty you can work on situations with a rational mentality.

Don't Procrastinate - Procrastination isn't a trait, but a habit. It allows you to avoid doing something you know you should do, but are hesitant to do it because of time, effort or pure laziness. Avoid procrastination to limit stress, overwhelming feelings, and stunt growth. When you take on a project and accomplish it, you feel better about yourself and can learn something from it.

Be More Resilient - Being resilient is the ability to overcome adversity. You can face problems and overcome obstacles with confidence. You learn to bounce back after a disaster and emerge as a stronger person for it. Learning to learn from issues allows you to grow personally.

Forget your limitations - Get out of your comfort zone and take on what has been hindering you. Don't let what you think you can do or what others think you can do limit what you actually do. When you limit yourself you sell yourself short. Identify what you limit in your life and conquer those goals. You may limit yourself on relationships, success, amount of income you can make, weight you can loose, and a number of other things.

In order to grow as a person you have to understand what you hinder yourself from knowing, doing and attracting. Once you are confident, have no limits, are relentless in efforts, have no fear, don't procrastinate and/or understand how others around you think, you're able to make better decisions, do things you never thought possible and accomplish your dreams.

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