6 Things Couples Talk About Too Late

When you enter a relationship you have a theory on how you envision it to be. The issue is your vision of it may not be the same as your partner. Here are 6 things that need to be discussed prior to getting serious in a relationship. It doesn't have to be on the first date, but should be soon if you plan on having a serious relationship.

PAST RELATIONSHIPS - If you're someone that needs to know how your partner dealt with issues with their previous partners you should deal with this early. Not all people care about previous relationships, however, learning about why they broke up can allow you insight on how they deal with certain situations. Do a Q & A with each other. This will give you the opportunity to gain the knowledge you need to know if this is someone you can be in a committed relationship with.

RELATIONSHIP GOALS - If you aren't aware of what is expected it is hard to work together. If the ultimate goal is to get married and buy a house for one person and to buy a condo and live as girlfriend/boyfriend forever you will have issues arise later in the relationship. Know what your partner is looking for and if you're willing to give it.

INTIMACY - Discuss things your comfortable with and things you may be dissatisfied with. You should be able to talk about sexual preferences and concerns with your partner. Don't wait until you're married to tell your partner they're not intimate enough. This may not change after the wedding.

KIDS - This topic should be discussed immediately. Not only because if the two of you want something different, but because if it happens on accident you don't want it to be the first time the conversation comes up.

FINANCES - At first couples live alone and it doesn't affect their everyday lives, but this should still be talked about early because it allows you to understand what finances are going out and coming in. You can't plan a trip without knowing if your partner can afford it. This topic can be overwhelming but knowing what you're working with allows better judgement on decisions.

TRUST - Every couple should talk about what they feel is trustworthy. Know how each other feels about certain topics and alleviate a possibility for insecurities.

Be in the relationship you want to be in. Allow yourselves to communicate about event the small things. This builds the bond and allows you to understand your partner.

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