6 Ways To Accelerate Personal Growth

You've read your daily horoscope and it tells you all these great things about your future, but you don't know how to pursue them. Your mind is overwhelmed with information and you see the big picture, however, getting there you have many distractions. This happens often to many people. They want personal growth and have spent thousands of dollars on personal help specialist and still don't gain the knowledge they yearn. That is because personal growth can only come from within. Hence, the word personal. Here are 6 ways to help you discover your path and accelerate personal growth.

Pursue something creative- It is said that the creative people are driven by passion and have more confidence and solve problems easier. The reason for this is they are using their inner creativity to mold their actions and passion. Find something that helps you be creative and releases stress. You can paint pictures, write stories or books, draw, take photos and learn new photography tricks, take an acting class and do local theatrical shows, learn to bake or make party favors. Whatever you choose this will help you evolve and inspire the inner you.

Learn how to control emotions- There is no way to control the people around you. By admitting that to yourself and learning to control how others make you feel is the first step to really growing as a person. When you act off irrational emotions you make mistakes and creates a set back from your goals. This is a difficult task because emotions drive our actions. A good tip to follow is don't discuss situations when you're angry. Try to step out of that situation for a moment think about it and come back to it later. When you have evaluated the situation better you can make better decisions.

Let go of people who aren't helping your grow- Being able to let people in and out of your life is a part of growth. It can be difficult to let people in and trust them so letting them go can be just as hard. If you're keeping destructive people in your life you can never fully grow to your next level. Letting certain people go allows room for the next phase of people coming into your life to show you new things and adventures. You don't have to wipe the slate clean, but if you have people around you that aren't pursing as much as you are it is time to release the baggage.

Transparency- Allow others to understand exactly how you fell without being negative. You can grow faster as a person not carrying heavy and unnecessary burdens. This can be hard because you don't want to let people down, but you have to be honest with yourself and others in order to grow.

Meditate and listen to inner voice- Take time out daily to reflect on what has happened during the day, how you handled it and what you would do differently. Doing this allows you to see things clearly and you can avoid future mistakes. When you have that inner voice telling you to do something do it. And on the other hand when that voice is telling you not to do something, listen. When you meditate and not make quick judgments you're able to get the full picture of how things should be in your life. This doesn't mean don't take changes and evolve, it simply means listen to your inner self daily.

Make health a priority- We get so busy with working, pursuing goals, and taking care of our families that we push the eating right, workouts and meditation to the side. Being healthy is a part of personal growth. You have to be in the right frame of mind and physical ability to build and grow. In order to have endurance and energy you will need to be healthy. In order to grow, learn and develop you have to be healthy.

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