6 Ways To Rebuild After A Breakup

The first thing that comes to mind when people say break-up is a man and a woman in a committed relationship, but this also relates to best-friendships, friendships, brotherhoods, etc. When you break-up with anyone for any situation there is a rebuilding phase. You may be hurt, torn and humbled by the break-up, but getting through it can allow you to transform and learn a lot about who you are. Here are 6 ways to rebuild after a break-up.

1) Try to separate yourself from mutual friends - At least for the "storm" phase of the break-up. When things first happen and everyone wants your side of the story. When you are leaving someone in your past the best thing to do is that. Leave them in your past. Don't hang out with mutual friends that want to keep talking about that person. There is no way for you to move forward - living in the past.

2) Focus on your positive traits - When rebuilding yourself focus on the positive things you do. It releases stress and you are less frustrated. It also allows you to feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself you're able to think better.

3) Have a goodbye conversation - If you've both decided to end the friendship, relationship, etc. and there are things you want to clarify have the "goodbye" conversation. Tell them why you've decided to part ways and what benefits it has for you. This isn't an argument or battle. This is just simply saying I am moving on and there are no hard feelings. If there are hard feelings I suggest skipping this step.

4) Don't hash out or re-live the negative situations - Many times people keep thinking "what if", what if they knew this or what if they realized that. None of that matters now. In order to rebuild you have to move on completely and that means, mind, body and soul. You have to let go of the negative thoughts, actions and feelings.

5) Be prepared for backlash - Any time people part ways someone has a negative light shinned on them. True or not, be prepared to hear negative things and prepare yourself on how to deal with it. If you prepare yourself, you're able to make better decisions.

6) Stand by your decision - This is the most crucial part of the re-building process. People will want you to become friends again, get back in the relationship, reunite, etc. Don't go against your own word. If there is a reason to leave - stick to it. You will only regret not standing by your decision in the future. Your feelings are valid and should be respected.

Re-building means = build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed. When someone or something changes in our lives we tend to feel it, either happy, sad, overwhelmed, lost, abandoned, etc. Something has been damaged or destroyed and it is up to you to make sure you're replacing that feeling with something better. Life will constantly change and we have to be ready for it. One of the best things is to have supportive, positive people around you who respect your decisions. If this helps you in any ways tell us how.

So happy to share this with you loving folks. Keep loving & living.

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