7 Motivational Ways To Leave Your 9 to 5

With some people returning back to work and others still working from home there have been concerns about the safety of going back into the office. Others, while being off, have created income by starting their own businesses or just spending more time focusing on the ones they had. If you find yourself in a position where going back into the office is not an option here are 7 ways to stay motivated while making that transition.

1) Leave With Class: No matter what the situation make sure you never burn any bridges. Leave with class and be clear on why you're leaving. Companies are more likely to support your decision when they know the reason for the transition. You want to be remembered as a model employee and get a great reference if you ever need one in the future.

2) Tie Up Any Loose Ends: Before you go email customers, clients and business associates with their new contact. Allow them to know you are leaving before you go. This allows for a smooth transition and you can complete any outstanding issues before you go.

3) Know Your Financial Place: If you aren't sure you are financially able to leave your full-time job find out before making the decision. Many people can't afford to have less income, but if you can cut out items or pay things off so you can focus on your own business start before you leave. Know what finances can be paid without your 9-5 and what you need to pay off before making that decision.

4) Take Some Time To Yourself: Right before or right after you leave take some time to yourself to fully incorporate what you're doing or have done. At least a day or two to really visualize how things will be and if this is something you can handle.

5) Figure Out What You Have To Do: Once you have decided to leave your current position take the steps necessary to complete the change without friction. This means provide the two-three weeks notice, find the other job, or start the new business. It is best to start a new business prior to leaving your job so you know exactly what it takes to grow that business.

6) Stay Focused: You will be scared, nervous, excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. Stay focused on your goal and dedicate that time to it. Don't quit your job then start watching TV all day. Get up like you would your normal job and put that time into your future career.

7) Make The Transition: Once you have decided make your transition smoothly and be prepared for things to come up that you didn't consider, such as car issue, extra bills, longer distance drive, no management or new management.

No matter if COVID-19 has you working from home, going back into the office, starting a new business, or growing one you already have follow these steps to do it with pride and class. This new journey will be scary but it will allow you to grow.

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