7 Signs Your In Love

In February 2019, a study by Pew Research Center stated that about nine-in-ten Americans (88%) stated that they got married based on love, lifelong commitment was second at 81% and companionship was third at 76%. There are many different components of a relationship and why people decide to take the next step such as sexual attraction, intellectual compatibility, friendship, stability, and of course love. So how do you determine if you are truly in love? Here are 7 things to ask yourself to find out if you're in love and want to think about that next step.

1) You can't stop thinking about this person- Being in love changes the way you think and feel. When you're away from each other and you can't wait stop thinking about them is a good sign you have fallen in love.

2) You want your family and friends to like this person- When you are hopeful that this person gets a long with your family and friends and this is important to you, this could be a sign you want this person around for a long time.

3) You celebrate this person's accomplishments - When you can celebrate this person's accomplishments and truly want the best for them even if you aren't in a good space - you are creating a critical factor in your brain that is telling you they are important.

4) You find yourself getting jealous but not crazy suspicious- When you find yourself getting a bit jealous of their attraction to other people, but your not mad about it. This is because you want this person to yourself and want them to only have eyes or affection for you in that way.

5) You ignore other attractive people- When you find yourself un-attracted to other attractive people and only yearn for this person you could say you are falling in love if you aren't in love already.

6) You want to share the world with this person- When you find yourself planning trips, spending quality time and planning future endeavors including this person you are starting to plan your life with them. This is a great indicator that you are ready to take on life with this person by your side.

7) When you feel the need to tell them "I Love You" - When you want to break down and spill out the three words you've never said before and they have never said them to you. That means you are initiating the feeling that has been compiling in you for a while.

There are obviously more ways to know if you are falling in love or in love with someone, but these are good factors. Take time to evaluate your feelings for that special someone and don't waste time if you realize they are the one.

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