800 Degrees Woodfired Kitchen- Adentura Florida

Although this was brought up in my last blog post Three Days In Miami Beach Florida, I had to highlight this restaurant because I was pleased with the food. On our trip this week we ate at nice places, but this is the most memorable due to the food quality. 800 Degrees Woodfired Kitchen is an amazing place to eat. This restaurant is owned by Dewayne Wade and Udonis Haslem. Now lets chat food:

Price- Artichoke - $15, Whole chicken plate -$36, side caesar salad - $8, broccolini - $8. Total bill 67.00 with added gratuity and tax the total was $85.76.

Presentation - The food came out looking phenomenal. Plates were clean of extra sauce, food propped up nicely and it gave the look of elegance.

Quality- The food tasted like it was being prepared by a highly trained chief. The wood really gives it a fresh taste and it was tender. The chicken was still juicy and the skin was crunchy.

Quantity- There was more than enough for two people. We actually shared with about three other people. This meal could actually be split between 3 people.

Overall this is a place I would go again and would recommend to anyone that likes fresh, wood-grilled food. The only thing I didn't like that I ordered was the Polar Express holiday drink, but it had whiskey and I don't drink that so someone who does might like it. I loved that they created a holiday menu to be more festive. If you've been here let us know your experience.

A family member dining with us ordered the crab cakes and they were amazing. Fresh and flaky. I also took a photo of those.

Our broccoli

Holiday drink list

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