A Crazy Bar Called - The Porch

Technically, this is a restaurant/neighborhood joint with a chill vibe that allows guest to hang out and explore more than their food and drinks. On the spur of the moment decision some friends and I ended up here and loved it. The Porch is located in Arizona with three locations, Tempe, Gilbert and Phoenix.

This place is great to gather with friends to drink, eat and listen to the latest music. We went on a Thursday night and the DJ was amazing. With the large yard chair as a prop for photos, large games, such as connect four and bean bag toss there is so much to do here while engaging in conversation. The uniqueness about the place grabs your attention. They have indoor/outdoor options to sit, TV's playing videos and activities for everyone.

Take a virtual tour of the Tempe location. Although we were at the Phoenix location they are all similar. This place has swing table options, which is something you don't get anywhere else. You can watch sports, have cocktails and enjoy food. A unique place to explore. With long picnic tables outside you can have larger groups or with the smaller booths inside you can have an intimate experience. Either way if you are ever in the Arizona area and want to do something fun check this place out. Stay safe, stay focused and stay traveling. Happy Travels.

Here are some photos of our experience

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