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I love to write, but I want my blogs to be meaningful to people and inspire people to go after their passions. I feel like my personal growth section deals a lot with people growing and maturing, however, I am not sure if anyone is gaining anything from my travel, food or love and relationship blogs. I have decided to change up the blog a bit and concentrate on specific topics. I want them to be news-worthy and help others build. Here's how I would like to change the blog up.

1) Personal Growth - self improvement, building relationships, & striving for more. I may do videos with people asking questions and getting their input. (free page)

2) Love & Relationships - how to have a successful marriage, how to be positive in relationships, building relationships, etc. I may interview couples, friends, strangers and provide stats. (free page)

3) Travel - How to travel on a budget, hidden treasures, & low cost traveling (free page)

4) Food - Videos on home cooking, remaking restaurant meals on a budget, coupons, & deals (some free some paid for) The places I go eat will remain free, however; the cooking classes via video, receipts and coupons will be paid for content.

5) Writing Tips - This section will provide tips and tricks on writing books, starting blogs, writing short stories, etc. This content will be subscription only as it involves research, knowledge and information that is paid for through my online book writing course.

Which two would you suggest. I love eating out and trying new things, but I don't think that is inspiring anyone to do anything different. I am asking my readers to help with this challenging decision because you're getting the information. Please vote on what you would like to read. I also have skills in writing and was thinking about adding that to the blog. Topics such as "how to write a book", "How to publish your book", editing tips, etc.

Tell me what you think by commenting on this post. I look forward to hearing from you.

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