A Place Called El Tataki

A place in the center of Avondale, with crazy cool decor with a hint of modern, El Tataki Mexican Grill and Sushi Bar. I’d never consider Mexican and Sushi going together, but this place nails it. Located in the Fry’s plaza on 107th ave and Indian School, you don’t expect such a quality find, but we did. So let’s get into it:

Price - Due to my sister, Shannon, footing the bill, I’m not sure how much the total was, but I do know that the cost for drinks is around $5-9, the bowl of chicken fried rice I ordered was only $7 and the mango fire shots were about $8. This place has a cool menu and very affordable.

Presentation - One of the best things was the presentation. The food came out looking like it belonged in a magazine. The colors they chose, textures and spices were a perfect combination.

Quality - When I tasted the food the explosion in my mouth sent great signals to my brain. I was actually satisfied. I am not a sushi condenseur, but I know what taste good and this food was amazing.

Quantity - You have options of big or small portions on most items. I got the small and it was still a nice size. If you go with a group of friends (4 or less) you could share most of the portions. They are generous sizes.

Overall, this is an amazing AZ spot to try in Avondale. The bar is modern and they have TV’s all over. The atmosphere is inviting and comfortable. The food is amazing and the service was impeccable. Not bad for a grocery store plaza restaurant. On your next journey for dinner or a night out with drinks, try El Tataki Mexican Grill & Sushi Bar. A place to enjoy a meal in style. If you’ve been here tell us more about your experience.

Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

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