A Trip To The Mob Museum

Who knew mob life would create such an interest of our history and future? We've all heard the stories of the famous mob families that ran cities and created wealth for themselves, but did you know they have an entire Mob Museum to detail the actions of the mob families. In downtown Las Vegas there is a museum that details the history of mob life, how it started, flourished, and was destroyed. There are still mob ties, but nothing like the overwhelming presence as before, or is it?

The Mob Museum has three floors. The first floor has a crime lab that details how they were able to investigate mobsters. It also has information on bringing down the mob, rise of the cartels, and organized crime today. The exhibits are so real and interesting. They have videos, actual photos, history and more.

The second floor has mobs greatest hits, courtrooms, recorded trials, etc. the third floor has the birth of the mob, St. Valentine's Day Massacre Wall. The actual wall where mobsters were shot and killed. You start at the top floor and work your way down. In the basement there is a distillery to eat and drink just like the mobsters use to do.

You learn how Las Vegas was corrupted with mob ties and cash and how it goes straight. In this large beautiful building you can learn about the past and how the future came to light. The Mob Museum website has a blog that captures all the current mob and cartel events. One of the most interesting facts about this museum is you can host a wedding there. The Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to advance the public understanding of organized crime's history and impact on American society according to their website.

When walking through the museum I felt apart of a history that came to life. I was able to see actual footage of criminal acts, photos of dead mobsters, hear stories of how organized crime worked. As a writer, being able to put yourself in a specific era to understand the culture is magical. This museum allows just that.

If you're ever in downtown Las Vegas you must check out this place of history. The intrigue, the excitement, and the culture it captures allows you to walk on the wild side for a moment in time. If you've already been tell us about your experience. Stay safe, stay focused and stay traveling. Happy Travels.

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