AH-SO Sushi & Steak Goodyear AZ

When you want a place that makes you feel fancy but doesn't cost fancy and you find somewhere near home you feel like you hit the jackpot. This was similar to how I felt last week when looking for a lunch place that was suitable for my fiancé and I to try something new. We walked in and sat in the far corner with a view of the surrounding stores. We were greeted with a server to get our order and a few moments later a personal chief came out to fire up the grill. The meal was cooked in front of us with a small food show. I've been to a few teppanyaki places, but this one had a relaxing atmosphere. Now lets get to the meat and gravy:

Price- For the two of us to get a chicken and steak meal with two drinks the meal was no more than $40. This is a great price for the atmosphere and food.

Presentation- The "wow" factor for the food preparation was there. The chief was amazingly funny and kept our attention. The food sizzled from the skillet to our plate. The vegetables were gleaming with oil and flavor.

Quality- The chicken and steak both were fresh. When you're able to watch how they cook it in front of you, you see the preparation they've taken to maintain the moisture and quality of the food.

Quantity- The chicken breast were large, steak was a nice size sirlon, rice and vegetables were of plenty. Neither of us could finish our meal.

Overall, this place was a great price and the meal was awesome. If you have a Ah-So near you be sure to tell them you read this blog and had to try it out for yourself. Also, if you have been here before leave us a message.

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