All My Life

While on the plane headed to Fresno, I watched a movie called All My Life. At first I was intrigued by the title, then I was intrigued by the intro and by the end of the movie I was intrigued by life. The movie is about a young couple that fall in love instantly and decide to get married. Then they find out he has cancer and doesn't have long to live. I'm not going to tell you the movie, however; what I am going to give you are 6 very important tips to follow EVERYDAY based off this movie and my own personal experience with love, life and death.

1) Never let a good time turn into a negative situation. Always enjoy your moments. A walk in the park could mean the world to you in a year. A night out with the girls (or guys) could mean fond memories of someone special. Just enjoy the moments in your life that may not seem like a big deal now.

2) Never let love pass you by. If you truly love someone let them know. This could be a sister, mother, brother, friends, lover, etc. You never know what someone is going through behind closed doors. Your kinds words, actions or beliefs can spark something in them you'd never thought possible.

3) Encourage yourself and others. Do things you've always wanted. It doesn't have to be flying around the world, but something simpler like taking a painting class. Take a friend, sister, lover, child, etc to do something spectacular because you both like to do it.

4) Let every moment tell who you are. This means open your heart and your mind to adventure. Be you without being sorry for it. Enjoy Life.

5) Smile and Laugh like there is no tomorrow. Be able to bring joy to your life and others. Enjoy the simple things in life. The moments that will allow you to look back on your life and smile to yourself because you know what that moment meant.

6) Everyday of your life remember you're an amazing person. Remember that you inspire others, motivate strangers and influence yourself with your thoughts.

Life is different for everyone. When I was younger I thought life was about keeping to yourself, raising a family and a great career. Now, I understand that life is about meeting extraordinary people, traveling, experiencing life, doing what you love, having moments that make you cry, laugh and sing. When I saw this movie I thought about all the things in life I've experienced and realized that no matter what life brings we should be happy for the moments in life we can share ourselves and make others happy. If you haven't watched the movie check it out. If you aren't living your best life, start now. So happy to share this with you loving folks. Keep loving & living.

This blog post is dedicated to two people whom I've never met, (Jennifer Carter and Solomon Chau) but admire for their story.

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