Being Your Best Self At Any Cost

When you get up in the morning, you don't always say out loud that you want it to be a great day, however; in your mind you want just that. In order to create the best day you have to be the best you at any cost. Being the best you at any cost isn't easy but here are some tips on doing so.

1) Stop procrastinating on things you need to get done. When you complete things you need to have done you feel better about how you've spent your time. Take some time during your busy schedule and focus on things you WANT done.

2) Take time for you. Wether it's 10 minutes or an hour do something that puts a smile on your face. Not looking at Instagram or Facebook, but taking a quick walk, reading a chapter in a book, or sitting on the sofa and listening to a song you haven't heard in years.

3) Put time and energy into your appearance. This doesn't mean spending money, but brushing your hair, trying the lip gloss you've had in your bathroom drawer for months, take the tags off that outfit and wear it for no special reason.

4) Stop accepting negativity from other people. Put yourself in a positive place by telling people TODAY that you don't want to hear their negativity because it brings you down. Venting can become a favorite pass time for people. If this is dragging you into complaint town, then you need to move on.

5) Look yourself in the mirror EVERYDAY and tell yourself that you can do anything. Simply, because you can. You decide what the majority of your day is spent on. If you have a job that may consume most of your day take time at work to tell yourself positive affirmations. Such as "I am valuable," "I have purpose," "I will be out of here in no time."

#6) Think outside the box on how your idea can come to life. Many of us are trying to create a legacy that will let others know we were here and we were great. Start thinking of how that can happen in your current situation and how long it will take to grow.

#7) Keep hope alive. It sounds funny, but without hopefulness you feel dead inside. When there isn't an escape plan or you don't see the brighter side, things seem unfruitful. Believe in yourself and know that as you take baby steps the ultimate picture will develop.

#8) Workout. If you have to get up 30 minutes earlier or go to be 30 minutes later do something during the day to exercise. Walk to a farther printer, jog around the corner before work, walk on break, or force yourself to workout after work. Do something that makes your body feel good.

Being your best self means allowing your positive decisions to reflect on your everyday attitude. This means being positive, feeling good about yourself, helping others feel good about themselves and feeling valued. When you take a few moments to do something for you then you can be the best you, that you can be. When you end your day and you feel great about the decisions you've made- that is being your best self.

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