Breakfast @ Bartolo's Park City Utah

The first morning spent in Park City, Utah on our honeymoon my new husband and I needed to replenish our bodies after our first night together in a romantic setting. We walked out of our hotel and into this Christmas movie like ski resort and found Bartolo's Italian Inspired Kitchen. This doesn't sound like a breakfast spot so I was hesitant but lets talk about the bacon and pancakes:

Blueberry Dutch Baby Pancake

Price- $24.94 for two. The eggs your way ($13.00) and Blueberry Dutch Baby Pancake ($10.00) were very affordable and tasty. Total with tip was $34.94.

Presentation- It was a simple presentation that was not overdone or underdone. I thought it was perfect for the type of establishment it was.

Quality- The food was amazing. Simply put it was what we needed to start a nice day of shopping and exploring. The freshness of the pancake that looked like a large cinnamon roll was exquisite. I've never had sweet potatoes or brussel spots for breakfast but how they combined them was perfect.

Quantity- The portion size could seem small for those who eat more than other, but for us it was perfect. The one pancake was all I ordered and I still didn't finish it. My husband, Will, did finish his eggs your way and was full.

Eggs Your Way

Overall the atmosphere of the place was simple, homey-kitchen feel and refreshing. I liked the venue so much I took photos of the place as well as the food. Our server, Palm John, was new and it was his first or second day, but he was amazing and very friendly. We had an amazing experience and my husband couldn't stop talking about how good my pancake was. We boxed it up to take it back to the room, but never got to eat it because we didn't have a microwave. If you're ever in Park City, Utah or any other place that has a Bartolo's you have to try these breakfast items. Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

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