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With Covid-19 and so many people staying home I haven't done many food blogs because I've been home, but last Monday June 29th, my son graduated from high school at 9am and we celebrated by going to breakfast afterwards. This happen to be a great find because we went somewhere else and they were closed so we looked up spots in the area and this place came up. It was my first time and boy was I impressed. Breakfast Kitchen Bar has great decor, food and atmosphere. So let's talk about the details.

I ordered a grilled cheese bacon french toast sandwich, 2 peach belini's, and the rest of the family had challah french toast, BKB platter, and two kids BYO meals.

Price: The total price of our bill was $126.85 for five people. Since the four peach belini's came out to $36.00 I would say the price was good.

Presentation: The good came out like it was from a TV show presentation. It was amazing and made you feel good about your choice.

eating @ Breakfast Kitchen Bar

Quality: When I tasted my french toast sandwich I wasn't disappointed. The bread was thick and buttery, the bacon inside was crunchy and fresh, the melted cheese stuck it together perfectly. Everyone at the table complimented their meals and indulged as much as they could.

Quantity: The kids plates were huge and I couldn't finish my grilled cheese bacon french toast sandwich because it was large. You get your money's worth.

Overall, this is a great breakfast spot that makes you feel excited about starting your day. If you have the chance stop by and let them know you heard about them from this blog post. There are two locations in Arizona, we went to the Desert Ridge location but there is also one at Scottsdale Quarter.

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