Breakfast @ Butterfields

Has anyone else never heard of this place? I was picking my truck up from the repair shop and on the way home decided to get some breakfast. As I drove down Shea Blvd I came across an unusual restaurant, named Butterfields Pancake House, and decided to try it.

Of course I was with my fiancé and he decided to have the 2 scramble breakfast, which comes with grits, 2 pancakes, and chose of two meats. He chose the bacon and added and additional 2 sausage patties. I had the Apple Cinnamon Pecan Carmel Pancakes. To drink we both had cranberry juice. So let's discuss shall we:

Price - The total bill was $31.33, which isn't bad for two people in Scottsdale to have breakfast. Cranberry juice was $2.99, his 2 scram meal was $9.00, my pancakes were $10.50 and the extra sausage patties were $4. I say the price fits the meal.

Presentation - When the plates came out there was nothing fantastic about them. Just breakfast plates. So I have to say I was a little disappointed on the presentation.

Quality - The food was good. I ate most of my. pancakes and he loved his food. The pancakes were not to sweet and had just enough of everything.

Quantity - These portions were perfect. I didn't get this gia-normous pancake that 20 people could eat and it would go to waste, but I didn't get a kids plate either. I was 100% satisfied with the quantity.

Overall, the food was great, the atmosphere was clean and simple and we enjoyed our breakfast. I did notice they don't have a lot of these restaurants. I only see one in Arizona, which is the one is Scottsdale we went to. If you have one near you let us know about your experience. I didn't take any photos of the food this time, but when we go back I will.

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