Brunch @ The Living Room

Have you ever eaten at a place that made you feel like you were at home? It could be the atmosphere, food or even the music that make you feel that way. It's funny they call it The Living Room because that is exactly how I felt when my fiancé and I stumbled upon this place last month when we were looking for something to eat. We went to the Ahwatukee location on Ray Rd, (Arizona). We ate on the outside patio where misters were spraying and music was playing. Lets dig in shall we:

Price- The brunch prices are reasonably priced for a meal between $10-15. If you like mimosas, they have free flowing ones for $15. Free flowing meaning they keep coming back and filling you up. A couple could dine here with all you can drink mimosa's and spend about $50.

Presentation- The food came out looking like it was made on the Food Network. They get a 100% on how things look when coming out to you.

Quality- I was very disappointed in the food quality. I had the fitness wrap with Tomato Basil Wrap, Egg Whites, Turkey, Caramelized Onion, Peppers, Spinach, and Side of Fresh Fruit first but after two bites I knew I wouldn't finish it. It had no flavor. I want to be healthy, but I want it to taste good. So, the waiter kindly replaced that with the MIXED BERRY Crepe with Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Mixed Fruit Puree, Whipped Cream. Again, it was pure disappointment. I gave up and decided the food here wasn't my thing. I expected the crepe to have more flavor, maybe a hint of vanilla or something, but it tasted like plain batter with fruit on top. I did however, enjoy the mimosa. It was flavorful and strong.

Quantity- If the food was good then the size of it would've been great. It wasn't to small or too large. Just enough for the individual serving.

I didn't realize it was considered a wine cafe and lounge so maybe that is why they don't concentrate on the food so much. Maybe next time I will go for a glass of wine and see if my opinion doesn't change. For now, I wouldn't go there again hungry. Overall, the atmosphere was the best thing there and it can make you feel like your home in The Living Room.

If you decide to try it for yourself or have been here and tried something that was great please leave a comment below and let me know. Happy Food Travels!

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