Build More Than A Nest Egg- Build A Legacy

Not everyone understands the struggle in today's society that black Americans go through. You hear the Black Lives Matter, Black Girls Rock and other famous "groups" trying to support a history of neglect and change the future. But there is more you have to understand. These groups and many unnamed black families are trying to build more than a nest egg for their families, they want to leave a legacy.

There is nothing wrong with genuine people supporting other genuine people. The problem is when a black person goes for a raise, buy a car, buy a house, start a business, etc they are looked at differently. It may not be on purpose, but it happens. There is years of proof. One new issue that has arisen is selling your home. A black home-owner will be offered less for the same home a non-black person owns. It's just not right.

If you aren't struggling with everyday issues you will not understand that every time a black person has a situation they face different battles. It isn't to say everyone is racist or every black person isn't committing a crime. It's many black Americans don't get the option to prove or show their worthiness because before they start a process, such as selling their home, they are faced with low appraisals, credit screening issues and more.

The white man’s happiness cannot be purchased by the black man’s misery. Fredrick Douglass

Here is my suggestion. Build more than a nest egg, build a legacy. Building a legacy means having something to work with and if black Americans can't build institutions, organizations or schools it is hard to do such a thing. Think outside the box and try to focus on more than the money. Who will you help? How will it remain intact when you're gone? What benefits will it have on those after you? Where will you start?

Working your life away at a job that will only allow you to advance so far will not benefit you or your future family. The goal is to create a legacy that your family can enjoy, embrace and celebrate for years to come. I have used Fredrick Douglass quotes because he once warned black Americans that if you are not the direct beneficiaries of your hard work, you will never leave a legacy and remain slaves. In today's world that doesn't mean picking cotton or being owned by anyone it means, never making enough to leave that job and create something for your family. It means making someone who is rich, richer. It means never having your name on the deed to a business you've always wanted. No one is standing in your way. You have to get creative and work as hard as you do for someone else for yourself.

People might not get all they work for in this world, but they must certainly work for all they get. Fredrick Douglass

Here are a few tips to creating a legacy and building success as a black person in America:

1) Find out trends in the line of work you want to do and ask different racial groups (friends of yours) to see what they know about it. I guarantee the non-black friends will have a simple and easier way to achieve something. For example, take all your photos out of your house if your selling it and have a non-black friend stand in and see what your house appraises at. Then do an appraisal with a different company while you're there. See if there is a difference.

2) If you work in corporate America most people know black employees get paid less than their counterparts, team up with someone who isn't black that does the same thing as you and both of you ask for a raise.

3) Do a initial consultations over the phone. This way people hire you based on your knowledge not your look.

4) When completing applications for loans, grants, etc do not input your race or sex. This doesn't impact your approval so they shouldn't need it unless they are grants or loans for minors.

5) Create a business that will allow you to teach others (especially your family) how to build and grow together.

6) Create business credit. Don't use your own credit to build your brand. Start with a small business card, then get a Dun & Bradstreet account.

7) Create a corporation. Make sure your work is secure.

8) Collaborate with others. Don't be afraid to use each other to find out information and grow. When you're helping each other build you're helping build your legacy.

To be great and leave a legacy you need to stop waiting for people to hand you your reward. You must take it. There is still a lot of room for growth and those that don't understand why you get paid less for doing the same job may never understand. It's not about who is right and who is wrong. It's about leaving a your legacy generations to come. Grow, live, and change the world. Keep growing and inspiring.

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