Building Confidence Within

You see the woman on the magazine dressed to impress, the man walking down the street in his suit holding his briefcase with pride and the door-to-door sells man telling you about this great product you need to try and why, then wonder how are these people so assured in what they are giving? It's simple, they have self confidence. They are able to tell themselves they deserve greatness and will achieve it. Here are 8 reasons to building confidence within.

1) Having self confidence allows others to respect you and your opinions. If you aren't sure of yourself then others will not be sure of you either.

2) Pursuing your dreams will only happen if you believe in yourself. Having confidence within allows you to get up daily and attack daily goals.

3) Motivation is gained by self confidence. When you are sure of yourself then you realize there is nothing that can stop you but yourself.

4) Reaching higher limits is done when you believe in your self and dreams. Even with others tell you it is impossible, that confidence within will tell you anything is possible.

5) Making better choices ONLY happens when you are sure of what you want. The only way to be sure of what you want is to be confident in your decisions and the only way to be confident in your decisions is to be confident within.

6) Attracting better company is done by building confidence within. If you understand your worth you wont allow others to waste your time on drama or negative energy.

7) Your outer image is beautiful when you feel beautiful within. Anyone can put on a sex dress or heels and walk into a room, but it's the confident woman that gets the attention. This is true with men as well. Putting on a suit can only do so much, it is the person wearing the suit that gets noticed.

8) More people come to you for advice when they see your confidence. They want to know how you do what you do and refer people to you as well.

Being confident within doesn't mean being arrogant or rude, it means being able to make decisions and friends with confidence. It also means having a better and successful lifestyle that allows you to take chances and grow. If you are having confidence issues read some books, learn and grow your inner confidence. You will be glad you did.

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