Carne Tropical Dinner Party

Last Saturday, April 18th, I woke up feeling inspired to create and do something fun. After contacting a few family members I decided to do a dinner party. Nothing big because of the Corona Virus, so there were only eight of us total, however, inspired by the Mexican Grill, Cinco, located near Premiere Mall in Atlanta, Georgia we created the pineapple steak dinner party.

Cinco's Carne Tropical

Once you're ready to throw an amazing dinner party on a budget create a simple yet elegant atmosphere by removing clutter and lighting candles. I was able to put a few candles in our entry way and some on our kitchen table. I put a white table cloth over the long table with a rustic runner and lined up colored plates to create a restaurant-like environment.

Photo: By Good Eats

To create the Carne Tropical, just like Cinco you would include marinated grilled skirt steak, grilled shrimp, sauteed spinach, corn risotto, chihuahua cheese and a pineapple vegetable medley. This dish was also recommended on the Atlanta Eats T.V. Show.

We tweaked ours a bit and included steamed cheesy broccoli rice, grilled steak, grilled pineapples, grilled shrimp, and a spicy mustard pineapple sauce.

Will's Tropical Steak Pineapple

No one could put their forks down. The meal was amazing. The company was delightful and we stayed safe doing it. While staying at home try and create some of your favorite restaurant meals for your family and tell me about them.

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