Dinner @ Maple And Ash

We wanted to try a place we'd never been before and wanted to dress up nice to do it. My fiancé decided that Maple and Ash was the place. We got dressed up and headed to Scottsdale for dinner. Upon arrival we noticed the atmosphere was eclectic, with an inviting tone. We were seated at our reserved table where my sister was already waiting. I didn't bother to look at the menu before going so I had no clue as to what to order. So let's discuss the important stuff:

Price- This is a high end restaurant that caters to their guest and for that it has a higher price tag than others. There were 5 guest and the bill came out to $499.34. Drinks ranged between $18-22, all side dishes come separate at $8-40 per side, Baller tower, which includes lobster, claims, oysters and crab legs was $194, and the filets were $59 each.

Presentation- The presentation was amazing. That atmosphere of the restaurant sets the mood for elegance. The food came out looking like it belonged in a food magazine.

Quality- The steaks were melting in our mouths, the crab legs were pre-cut and tender, the lobster mac n cheese was creamy and flavorful. You get great food for your money.

Quantity- The serving sizes of the sides was good for the five of us. We got fries, lobster mac n cheese, and gratin potatoes. The tower was for 3 or more people so it had enough for all of us.

Overall, this is a place you have to try at least once. For the price I wouldn't go back often but for special occasions I could see this as a place to enjoy a great meal. I hated the drinks. I had a Spanish secret and it was not good at all, then I tried a Ilicit Affair and that too was not good. The food was great the drinks were not. So if you're going somewhere for drinks this may not be the best spot.

I am not sure what a cakeage fee is but we were charged $25 so beware of extra charges.

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