Do You Really Know Yourself - True Self Awareness

You can't truly be your best self if you don't actually know yourself. Do you find yourself doing things others want to do? Are you unsure of where you're headed? Self discovery allows you to get to know yourself. It's the same thing as meeting a new friend and getting to know them. When you don't take the time to get to know yourself you live a life of doubt, confusion, frustration and fear. The funny thing is many people don't even realize why they feel the way they feel. The road to true self awareness is learning more about yourself. Have you ever seen the movie Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts? She married many men and obsessing over their lives and did what they wanted to do, including how they ate their eggs. Finally, she took time to get to know what she really wanted and how she liked her eggs. If you don't get a true definition of self you will be living in other people's world your entire life. Know what makes you happy, what you enjoy spending time doing, what gets you going, what irritates you and more. Here are 5 ways to help you really know yourself.

1) Know your core values- What matters most to you? Examples of core values would be loyalty, honestly, dependability and positivity. When you know what is most important to you then you can build your friendships, family relationships and work relationships around it. It's hard to be around someone who constantly lies when you value honesty most.

2) Question your automatic thoughts - Sometimes we think things that aren't our normal or they are and we pay them no attention. They can be demeaning to you, others or just irrational. Talk to yourself and wonder why you're thinking that way. If you don't know yourself you will not realize your thought are disoriented or negative.

3) Have a vision for your life- When you have a vision for yourself you have something to work towards. You can see yourself at a certain place in life and you work towards it. This lets you have direction in life.

4) Know your personality- Know what kind of person are you and how do you get along with others. How would someone define you? What traits define you? Are you the leader in your group or the follower? Are you a strong personality or passive? This allows you to know why you make certain decisions. Are your decisions based on others values or your own?

5) Know your strengths and weaknesses- figuring out what you're stronger at than others allows you to use that to your advantage. When you know your weaknesses you can steer clear of disaster by knowing you shouldn't be in control of that task. You can develop a better path in life simply by knowing what your strengths are.

Getting to know yourself isn't something that is done overnight. You have to constantly pay attention to decisions, choices, conflicts, rewarding situations, and what makes you tick. Life is too short to never know the real you. Take some time and get to know you. Write in a journal and go back every now and then and re-read some entries. Take time to just reflect on your day and what you liked about it. Take the journey of getting to know yourself and have true self awareness. If you have other self awareness ideas please share them with us.

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