Don't Be Resistant To Change

When you make progress in your life you change more than that one situation. Progress brings happiness, peace, relief and far less struggle. In the beginning it is hard to change and most are resistant to it because it is out of "the box". When are aren't resistant to change you see that your life can take on powerful changes that could help you financially, mentally, physically and emotionally.

When you open new doors you allow yourself to think and feel things you've never done before. Change is not negative. It is positive. How can you truly continue to grow if you're stuck in the same mentality or physical state you've always been in.

Mentally if you don't take chances you will be doing the same thing you have always done. You have to try something different. Once you try new things you will experience a mental state that you've never had before. For example, if you start to meditate on positive things in your life, asking for positive things in your life and focus on positive things in your life, the negative things will not overwhelm you and mentally you can become creative on how to change your mental state.

Financially if you keep thinking you will never get out of debt, never get a raise and you have to be content with what you have, you will never be a millionaire. Those who think rich become rich. You have to apply for things you've never applied for, invest in things you've never invested in and purchase things you've never purchased. For example, when I purchased my first house people told me I was young and should wait. I didn't and after 5 years sold it walking away with $100,000 cash. It was an investment that was successful. Had I waited because I was only 22 at the time I wouldn't have made more money than I'd ever had before.

Physically if you don't try a new exercise or experience, you can't challenge your body to elevate. Many people do the same routine and wonder why they're physically stagnant. It's because your body knows that routine and it can only change so much. Just like your mind, your body needs a new challenge to build and grow. It's okay to try a new fun physical activity and decide if you may like it.

Emotionally if you never allow yourself to experience different emotions, excitement, joy, pain, confusion, etc when it comes to an unexpected change, you may be confused as to how to react. Allow yourself to live free and allow yourself to experience emotional ups and downs. That way when pain, or excitement come you know how to contain yourself and react. Do you know a person that when someone says something they don't like they become a totally different person? That is because they haven't mastered controlling their emotions.

Change is not over-rated and it is a helpful tool to learn new things. If you don't know you don't know something how can you ever know. I never knew that investing in stocks, bonds or coins could create money for me without working. If I didn't learn something new I wouldn't have been able to make a financial and mental change. Sometimes you are forced to change and other times you make the decision on your own. Either way try it out and see what new road life takes you on. You might enjoy the drive. Grow, live, and change the world. Keep growing and inspiring.

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