Don't Confuse Your Passion With Your Gift

In most cases people tend to shoot for the moon with a passion they have. They put money into it and in their mind create the life they will live once they have become successful at their passion. The problem is their passion takes training, effort and practice and in most cases isn't their gift.

When I realized that I could write a 400 page book in a few days I knew what my gift was, however, I've always been organized and loved parties so I put most of my time and effort into event planning. Year after year went by and it never took off like I wanted. That could be because I didn't mingle with the right crowd, had haters, it didn't fall naturally in my lap, didn't advertise enough........and the list goes on.

I started listening to motivational speeches and in every speech they talked about your gift. They didn't care about your passion, goals, or how many likes you had on social media. They described your gift as the focus of your life. People want to do things that seem cool, interesting and can bring in money, but all of these things fall into place when you're working on your gift. Here is how you know the difference:

A Passion:

- Something your interested in

- Something that you will do for free even if you could charge

- High energy level when doing

- Takes effort but you like it so you don't mind

A Gift:

- Done with ease (effortlessly)

- You can charge but you do it so easy you tend to do for free

- Energy level high most of the time but could be low when it seems common

- People often compliment you on it

- You do it better than most people

One of the biggest things people get confused is a gift because it comes so easy. If you fry the best chicken then you should be making money frying the best chicken. If you can write a book with ease then you should be writing books. This isn't to say you shouldn't have a passion, but stop fighting yourself and do what comes at ease and focus on your gift. Many people are lost trying to find themselves because they don't focus on the purpose for their life, which is to hone in on your gift and manifest it.

Some people are generally great at math. Those should be the accountants, cashiers, etc. Someone like me will take 3 minutes making sure I gave you the correct change. I hate math.

The only way to grow in life and expand yourself is to focus on your gift. I have written four books and could've had an entire series by now if I'd just followed my gift early on. I can write half a book in one day. It comes easy to me. I started this blog because I didn't know where I would be without writing. I keep a journal, I love blogging, I love writing books and it is the easiest thing for me to do in the world. I operate my businesses, Stacy J events and Stacy Jewel Beauty, but my passion of writing has been calling me for far too long and that is where I put my energy.

Think about your passion and your gifts. You can do both, but ask yourself, why are you struggling to figure out who you are and what you want to do? What comes to you with ease? What can you do with out any effort. Then think about how your life would change if you could do that for a living. Less Stress, time, money, effort.

Living your best life is about doing things with ease and creating the life you always wanted to live shouldn't take your entire life. Don't confuse your passion with your gift and take your gift to the next level.

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