Don't Judge Your Partner

As you enter into a new relationship, or have been in one for years you have to remember that you are NOT your partner. The way you do things may be different and you have decided to accept those faults if you've been together for a while or deciding if you will accept those faults if you're entering a new relationship. Either way don't judge your partner. Allow them to be who they are and make accommodations accordingly.

For example, if you have a partner that likes to shop, it may not be your thing, but don't judge them based on their past time. Allow yourself to do what you like while they are shopping or join them when they are having a light shopping day.

If you have someone that likes to play video games, maybe you can clean the house, shop, cook or do things you like to do while they are doing that.

Some people have things they like to do the same and others don't want to be apart of that type of entertainment. As long as it isn't a constant, full-time consuming activity you should work together to make sure that both parties are happy with the situation.

Here are three things that judging leads to:

1) Breakup- When you spend your time judging what your partner does (that you don't like), you miss out on the great things they bring to the table. 7 out of 10 relationships then have outside people in your business. This causes more conflict and eventually you breakup.

2) Common Arguments- When you judge your partner, they in return may start to judge you and then it becomes a full on attack against each other and even nit picking, which is just fault finding.

3) Resentment- One thing you don't want to have in a relationship with anyone is resentment. When you start resenting a person or yourself for things it makes it hard to have a clear mind on decision making. Focus more on positive things.

When you think about all the things you could be judged on you find it silly to waste time doing it to someone else. Relationships are comprised of meaningful aspects of life that people share together and fulfill a purpose.

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