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If you've been driving around the valley and noticed a few unconventional spots popping up you've probably seen a few Scrambles. Currently, located in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Biltmore and Tempe. I've been to the one in Scottsdale and just recently the one at the Biltmore. They are open everyday from 6am-2pm. The atmosphere is chic, with a hint of 70's character with the colors and decor theme. So, lets get into the meat and potatoes:

Price- The reason I love telling the price first is because most people decide if it is something they want to try based on budget. This breakfast for two total was $40.25. The break-down is as follows: costa burrito 11.29, steak & eggs 15.99, (2) OJ mimosas $4.89 each tax $3.19. So you get the bang for your buck.

Presentation- There wasn't much of a presentation. The food was the food. Nothing extravagant. If you're looking for a beautiful designed platter this isn't the place for you. What you see is what you get here.

Quality- It wasn't something grandma makes, but it was decent. If you are hungry and want a decent meal they will do. It wasn't a rememberable quality steak or burrito that makes you want to tell everyone and come back for more.

Quantity- The food portion was a great size. For the money and stomach size that most American's should try to equate the portions were relevant. I can eat and only finished 1/2 of my burrito and my fiancé completed his steak breakfast and was full.

Overall, it was a decent place. Nothing upscale or high quality, but okay to have a nice breakfast. I was disappointed in the mimosa glasses we got because they were scratched up and looked old, and were plastic, but for a $11.29 burrito breakfast I couldn't really complain. If you or anyone you know has been here and had something different that blew you away please share your comments and food selection ideas. Maybe, even share some photos. Thanks for taking time to capture a day in the food life of Stacy Ayiers.

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