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On our last day in Utah we rented a car and drove into Salt Lake City to explore. We decided to eat breakfast at Eggs In The City although I don't care for eggs much. After looking at their menu I was pleased that they had a variety of breakfast options. So lets egg talk:

Price: $31.36 for two. Orange juice ($5.99), Create your own breakfast ($11.99) and my build your own burrito ($10.99). With tax and tip it came to $36.36. An awesome breakfast price for two. It probably would've been a little more had I not brought in my own Starbucks drink and just had water.

Presentation: There wasn't much of a presentation. The food was just what you ordered.

Quality: The food was absolutely amazing. The potatoes were cooked with crisp edges but not dried out or burned. They were soft and had the right amount of spices. You could taste the love on these potatoes. The build your own burrito had chorizo, spinach, egg and Swiss cheese. The burrito was put together so well I could taste everything just enough. The eggs didn't over power the chorizo and the chorizo didn't over power the cheese. It was a beautiful combination. I'm not sure what sauce came with it but I couldn't get enough. The build your own breakfast my husband ordered was bacon, over medium eggs, potatoes and sausage. There was enough for us to share both meals. The bacon was cooked crisp like he likes it and the sausage was just right.

Quantity: I tried my best to eat both pieces of my burrito because it was so good, but it was too big. You get plenty for your money here. A nice portion of potatoes came with both our meals. You get 4 slices of bacon and two sausage patties with you build your own. Most places will do two and two so this was a pleasant surprise as my husband loves meat.

Overall I have to say THANK YOU Eggs In The City for making our last breakfast in Utah memorable. They have a beautiful location and this is their ONLY location. So if you're ever in SLC, Utah you have to check them out. I am a bike lover and they had a cute red and tan bike on the wall I couldn't help but take a photo of. The tables were cozy and if it wasn't so cold outside they have a beautiful patio with a fireplace that you could enjoy. This is a 10 out of 10 all around for me. The atmosphere, food, location and price. I will be back the next time I travel to Utah. The staff was prompt and everything came out fast. Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

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